Are Tarot Cards Dangerous?

Are Tarot and Oracle cards dangerous? This question isn't proposed to invoke fear but rather awareness and responsibility. With the rise in use of tarot + oracle cards in personal and professional practices, this discussion is warranted. 

First and foremost, it is important to remember that Tarot is a divination tool. If an individual doesn't have a strong practice of discernment, they can be easily influenced by any messages which present themselves irrelevant of their source. Spiritual authority is called into question and individual can quickly give their power away by taking the divination message(s) as gospel, while ignoring their deeper inner knowing in exchange. 

Not all divination tools are created equal. These tools are impressionable to the energy and intention of the individual activates and imposes on them. This is why it is important to clear any card decks, pendulums or crystals you are using that someone has worked with prior to you as that...

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Claircognizance for Beginners

Claircognizance is a psychic sense and intuitive channel for receiving guidance + messages from one’s higher self and spirit. It is likened to clear knowing which would be very similar to mother’s intuition which is an experience where a mother knows something without having any prior knowledge or physical feedback. It is a knowing without knowing. 

Not all but most mediums receive the majority of messages via this channel and it is one that is harder to develop as one doesn’t have any tangible feedback to confirm or refute the information. It requires a healthy amount of trust in oneself and ability to receive. Starting out, many question if what they are receiving is true and accurate and the more they look for evidence outside of themselves, the more disconnected one may feel from the original message. 

When you hook your antenna’s (intuition) and channel to Source for it to flow and work through, it happens very organically. This should be a...

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Clairvoyance for Beginners

When one hears the term “clairvoyant” it is fair to assume a gypsy lady with a crystal ball. However, clairvoyance is a psychic sense that we all have access to in some capacity, yet the way we engage with this sense is unique. 

Do you dream vividly and recall them? This is a form of clairvoyance that takes place in a relaxed, dream state. Most people are better able to access their gift through dreams because it is a time when the ego succumbs and you are most relaxed. We aren’t aware of how much tension we hold in our bodies and consciousness in the waking hours – this is what affects our ability or the degree we are able to tap in seamlessly and consciously. 

As you enter a theta state, you relax enough to receive. This is why there are many reports of paranormal visits, sleep paralysis, and seeing loved ones at the foot of the bed just when you are about to fall asleep – which is when you most likely to be in a receptive state. 

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Muscle Testing for Beginners

Using Applied Kinesiology to Access the Subconscious

As a professional living a sixth sensory life, I often receive comments from students or clients such as, “I don’t have your gift. If I did, it would be so much easier to trust myself and the decisions I know I need to make.” Or I often work with individuals whom are struggling with their health and don’t know where to start so they look outside themselves for answers and struggle to connect the dots. 

Well, we all have access to a sixth sensory nature and lifestyle. The trust comes with practice and building that relationship with yourself first and then translates into deepening a connection with your guidance team and the wisdom of your body. 

This can be challenging to accomplish in a fast-paced society that wants instant gratification. We like to have something external to look towards in order to validate ourselves and our decisions. 

Your higher self and spirit team are always bringing...

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Number Trilogy's and Sequences

Everything you experience and receive is divinely guided and timed. No exceptions. 

We often pray for guidance in time of crisis and due to this state of desperation we are often more willing to experience the guidance we seek. Truth is, those messages are always available and presenting themselves. Our capacity to receive them depends on our level of receptivity. 

In every moment, the Universe is whispering to you. You’re constantly surrounded by signs, coincidences and synchronicities, all aimed at propelling you in the direction of your destiny.

- Denise Linn

What seeing repeat numbers and signs means:

Psychologist Carl Jung was the first to coin the term synchronicity. Through his work, he discovered that synchronistic events aren’t just coincidence but universally orchestrated and related.

If you have been seeing a sequence of numbers repeatedly or even perhaps over your life span, you are receiving encouragement and guidance from spirit. Numbers are...

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