Are Tarot Cards Dangerous?

blog post oracle tarot Oct 17, 2022

Are Tarot and Oracle cards dangerous? This question isn't proposed to invoke fear but rather awareness and responsibility. With the rise in use of tarot + oracle cards in personal and professional practices, this discussion is warranted. 

First and foremost, it is important to remember that Tarot is a divination tool. If an individual doesn't have a strong practice of discernment, they can be easily influenced by any messages which present themselves irrelevant of their source. Spiritual authority is called into question and individual can quickly give their power away by taking the divination message(s) as gospel, while ignoring their deeper inner knowing in exchange. 

Not all divination tools are created equal. These tools are impressionable to the energy and intention of the individual activates and imposes on them. This is why it is important to clear any card decks, pendulums or crystals you are using that someone has worked with prior to you as that energy gets transferred.

Ouiji boards have gotten a bad rep and in ways we should consider, but I am here to remind you that they are simply a divination tool. Please keep in mind that all divination tools can act as a portal between the energies of the living and those in non-physical form. Again, the energy you bring forward and the room you create to be expressed will determine what is or allowed through that portal / point of entry. 

If one doesn't practice energetic discernment, nor has a connected, reliable relationship with their higher self and spirit team, it leaves much room for influence from other sources. Depending on the energy and intention brought into the practice, it will determine the type of energy which is invited through as "like" energy attracts like energy. 

I see individuals using tarot as a lifeline and come to their decks when they are experiencing resistance or a challenge in their life, often bringing forward an energy of desperation or attachment. Like attracts like and it is LIKELY that the individual can attract an energy that wants to feed into that desperation by either telling the individual what they want to hear, breeding more fear or desperation, and/or providing harmful advice. The other issue is if someone else is reading for another individual and isn't ethically connected to and grounded into their practice, as they may want to appease the individual and bring through messages which uphold what the individual wants to hear. This does not purely support the individual receiving and further creates susceptibility for the "reader" to be negatively influenced. 

The reason I am sharing this today is to remind everyone of the importance of being grounded when practicing and coming to your cards from a neutral place instead of "needing" something from the oracle. Be mindful of the energy and intention you are bringing forward and they "why" behind it. For readers, please remember that you have a moral and ethical responsibility to hold a container for those moving through very vulnerable situations. Tarot can be a FABULOUS resource when used for the right reasons and with great responsibility. It should never be considered a lifeline nor taken as the only source of guidance. 

Here are some recommendations to considered when consulting your divination toolbox: 

  • Take steps to understand what is ego vs pure guidance / such as tone, delivery, style of message invoked etc. 
  • Develop a strong practice of discernment / such as recognizing the subtle feelings or signs you receive from your body that a message or energy is in or out of alignment with your greater truth/needs
  • Only operate when you are grounded, achieved a state of neutrality and have set strong intentions. 
  • Consult your tarot/oracle as a resource and don't accept in its totality 
  • Be clear on the "why" behind your choice to consult 
  • Set strong boundaries before opening up your practice / ex. what you will or won't allow into your experience, be willing to hear pure guidance instead of confirming what the ego wants to hear
  • Let go of any attachment to any conditions or desired results 
  • Know that the cards don't hold all the answers, but your higher self does. The cards aren't fail proof. They work through the law of attraction in combination with what the person brings into the practice

It isn't enough to feel inspired by tarot/oracle and have experienced some success in the use of them. There are safe obligations which need to be considered and prioritized BEFORE you practice. Always! I am very passionate about advocating for safe and progressive practices. This is why I have created two programs to support anyone that wants to embark on a spiritual journey and seek higher counsel through their practice. If we want to connect to truth and genuinely connect with spirit, certain steps need to be taken to achieve this. 

For anyone using divination tools in their guidance practice such as coaches, tarot readers, community circles etc, I have created The Intuitive Offering Intensive. This program helps the reader anchor into their ethical and moral obligations as a space holder and provides resources for them to create a safe and reliable container that takes into account their own energy and wellbeing, as well as the client's. You can learn more about that here

I also have The Spirit Guide Immersive which is a 10-week intensive course that supports anyone that is wanting to better connect with their guidance support system and strengthen their intuitive channels to receive pure guidance on demand. This program helps the individual be responsible and take measures to understand what is pure guidance vs the workings of the ego, trickster spirits or low vibrational entities, and any confirmation bias. You can learn more about that here. 

My wish is that you treat your practice with upmost care and be a very responsible and conscious participant when it comes to the use of divination tools and connecting with anything outside of yourself. It is MUCH easier to take appropriate action at the beginning than it is to intervene later on and remove something unwanted. 

Thank you for sticking around and reading! Please share any questions you have below or any of your personal experiences. I would love to know where you are at on your journey!


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