Claircognizance for Beginners

Claircognizance is a psychic sense and intuitive channel for receiving guidance + messages from one’s higher self and spirit. It is likened to clear knowing which would be very similar to mother’s intuition which is an experience where a mother knows something without having any prior knowledge or physical feedback. It is a knowing without knowing. 

Not all but most mediums receive the majority of messages via this channel and it is one that is harder to develop as one doesn’t have any tangible feedback to confirm or refute the information. It requires a healthy amount of trust in oneself and ability to receive. Starting out, many question if what they are receiving is true and accurate and the more they look for evidence outside of themselves, the more disconnected one may feel from the original message. 

When you hook your antenna’s (intuition) and channel to Source for it to flow and work through, it happens very organically. This should be a simple, seamless process.  With time if you continue to nurture this channel, it can be highly powerful + productive. It will feel as if ideas just pop out of nowhere. Unlike the channels of clairvoyance + clairaudience where you see or hear messages, claircognizance is the ability to know without any prior knowledge and one may choose to use their own words to describe the experience and intuitive messages. 

This channel is often linked directly with the Akashic Records which is a library of every action, thought or experience we’ve had in this lifetime as individual souls, as well as every other lifetime we’ve lived. It is an infinite library which is a record of everything that has occurred in history in its entirety. 

This channel requires a bit more consciously connected work to build up your confidence and ability to receive. A great way to do so is to channel higher energies such as Archangel Michael + Archangel Metatron (keeper of the records). I will include an invocation prayer at the end of this post.  

Another great way to build up your ability to receive via this channel is to set boundaries with yourself and this work, use discernment, develop a connection with your spirit team and also create a safe space for you to come to and practice. I dive deep into this in Episode 27 of the Collective Experience Podcast. I highly encourage you to have a listen to help you properly set up for the experience. 

Some signs of receiving guidance or messages through claircognizance is: 

·      You receive thoughts which feel like they came out of the blue

·      You’re a natural problem solver

·      You’re likened to a human lie detector

·      You can predict what someone is going to say

·      You have a strong feeling for how things will work out

·      You can always trust your intuitive nudges

To build up trust factor with this channel and to set yourself up to receive clearly + accurately, create a safe space and define parameters to invite in the message through this channel, then be willing to act on the messages you do receive. Use discernment to verify if you are receiving via your ego or inner knowing. Work directly with your crown chakra – stimulate it and ensure it is activated before you practice. Use mantra work to support this channel and your ability to soothe into a space of receiving. 

This channel is the furthest thing from intimidating because it is a channel you access every day without even knowing yet you have the ability to nourish it in a more connected, conscious way to experience it in a sixth sensory manner. 

A great way to strengthen this channel is to engage in fire rapid questions. You may create a space and have someone ask you questions quickly, and your task is to answer instantly before you’ve been able to give it any thought. The idea here is to allow whatever is in your subconscious and deeper knowing to have an outlet without the rational mind taking over and overanalyzing. 

Some example questions may be:

·      Name a colour

·      Hot or cold

·      Name a flower

·      First name that comes to mind

Similar to trusting an initial gut feeling, rapid fire questions allow you to go with your first impression. 

Another option for strengthening this channel is to engage in free or automatic writing. Take pen to paper with no intention other than channeling out anything and everything that comes to mind. Even if it doesn’t make sense! Don’t worry about being neat and orderly with your writing but rather use this time as an outlet. It is a powerful exercise. Do this daily for best results. 

If you want to take it a step further, you can dive deep into the work of Julia Cameron and engage with Morning Pages. They are a version of automatic writing that you will do as soon as you wake up in the morning, before you jump out of bed – which activates the ego. It is best to keep a notebook by your bed and upon waking, do a mind dump by writing out anything + everything that comes to mind and fill up 3 pages of paper. 

As mentioned, you can work directly with specific higher energies to assist you in this development as well. Feel free to use the invocation prayer below when getting started and then feel free to refine it or create your own to personalize your practice. 

Invocation Prayer 


I now call upon Archangel Metatron, Archangel Ramiel and Primary Angels + Guides; I ask for your assistance in practicing the skill of clear knowing through the EXTRAordinary sense of claircognizance. 

Please help me to prime my vessel, protect my energy by shielding my energy in a cloak of purple spiritual light, give my ego a task, stay centered and be a clear conduit for Source and Universal knowledge. Thank you and so it is. 


Give yourself permission to be creative and individual in your approach to working with this extraordinary sense and further in terms of developing your own personal practice. Developing and working with your psychic sense should be a fun process! Don’t be hard on yourself and most importantly, don’t be afraid to get things wrong. Getting things wrong will actually give one more insight into how they were working and what they could do differently to improve their abilities. 

If you would like to dive deeper into working with your psychic channels and discovering your primary + secondary channels, please make sure to check out my online course The Spirit Guide Immersive.

In this course, we explore cultivating a spiritual practice, connecting with your spirit team, working with and developing the 6 intuitive senses and more. This course takes you from start to finish in terms of initiating contact, developing your ability to receive and work with messages and developing a consciously connected relationship with your spirit team. 

Let me know in the comments section if you’ve worked with your psychic sense – claircognizance and what your experience was like! I’d love to hear feedback. 


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