Clairvoyance for Beginners

When one hears the term “clairvoyant” it is fair to assume a gypsy lady with a crystal ball. However, clairvoyance is a psychic sense that we all have access to in some capacity, yet the way we engage with this sense is unique. 

Do you dream vividly and recall them? This is a form of clairvoyance that takes place in a relaxed, dream state. Most people are better able to access their gift through dreams because it is a time when the ego succumbs and you are most relaxed. We aren’t aware of how much tension we hold in our bodies and consciousness in the waking hours – this is what affects our ability or the degree we are able to tap in seamlessly and consciously. 

As you enter a theta state, you relax enough to receive. This is why there are many reports of paranormal visits, sleep paralysis, and seeing loved ones at the foot of the bed just when you are about to fall asleep – which is when you most likely to be in a receptive state. 

However, if you were like me when I was a kid, it is natural to feel terrified at night in case you receive an unexpected visit! But I will say that clairvoyance very rarely works this way. In fact, the more you refine and work with your clairvoyant abilities, the more control you have in how you will experience. 

So, what is clairvoyance exactly? It is the ability to perceive beyond the ordinary sense of sight. As mentioned, this is unique and can be accessed in many different ways. There is a fear or stigma around “seeing” that often causes an individual to distract themselves or consciously disconnect from these experiences. However, clairvoyance is as fluid and simple as daydreaming. When you day dream you are lucid and awake, yet you are able to visualize. This is often the most comfortable means of engaging this sense.  

Some individuals have nourished this gift enough that they have the capacity to see energy with their physical eyes, spiritual eye and/or even see the spirit of those crossed over. However, the clairvoyant ways are as natural as visualizing, daydreaming, seeing light/color/aura, engaging in guided meditations and tuning into imagery, symbols + signs.  

Your gift is here to serve you and to think otherwise is untrue. Let’s strip back some of the fluff, fear and dramatic workings of Hollywood to address some simple, everyday signs that you are engaging clairvoyantly.

·      Strong imagination 

·      Visual learner

·      Deep seated awareness

·      Mental imagery

·      Sensitive to light + colour 

·      Experience visual flashbacks

·      Premonitions 

·      Strong mental recall

Not too bad, correct? You likely have been unconsciously working with this sense all along. You now have the awareness and opportunity to consciously connect and level up this psychic sense to support you in a greater capacity for both your physical and spiritual wellness. Let’s tackle how you can do just that. 

As with all the psychic senses, we have a responsibility to manage our vibration to ensure we are at the right frequency to download and experience. Some simple ways to do this is to manage our energy + mindset, eat clean – high vibrational foods, exercise, and be mindful of what you absorb from others and your environment. Yes, it is really this simple yet many avoid the follow-through with these simple tasks and instead overcomplicate the process and overwhelm themselves. 

One of my favourite tools I personally use to work on trusting the messages I “think” I am receiving is through muscle testing. Muscle testing uses biofeedback – bypassing the ego and tuning into energetic truth to confirm or refute a message. I wrote an entire blog post on Muscle Testing to help you get started and add to your toolbox. Make sure to check it out. 

Another valuable way to enhance your journey with this psychic sense is through connecting to the primary chakra associated with this psychic sense which is the 6th chakra commonly known as the Third Eye. You can tend to, nourish and stimulate this chakra with various modalities such as but not limited to working with specific crystals, essential oils and mantra work.  

Here is why you should frequently tap in clairvoyantly…

Frequently exercising this muscle opens you up to some pretty profound experiences not limited to just spiritually. Consider how you would feel if you had the capacity to visualize creative solutions or rather envision, feel and experience the success you crave and deserve? All success starts with the mind and there is no better way to nourish the mind than engaging in conscious thought that aligns with the energy you want to cultivate and experience. 

I always emphasize bringing healing back to basics and healing really is as simple as accessing all of the tools we carry within. Everything else externally is just a bonus! We have the potential and capacity to get to know ourselves and our capabilities on an intimate level. It is up to us to access them and put them into action in order to achieve the greatness we came here to experience. 

No one person is more important than the other. No one person came into this world with more psychic juice. It is rather a matter of awareness, values and integration. I challenge you to do differently to experience a different outcome and further experience a new way of being. Allow your expectation to be far exceeded. Enjoy the journey! It can be pretty sweet if you choose to suckle on the nectar of life instead of reaching for the artificial, non-nutritious stuff.  

If you have any questions about this work, please feel free to leave a comment below or reach out on any of the platforms! I would be happy to answer, guide and encourage you. 


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