Muscle Testing for Beginners

Using Applied Kinesiology to Access the Subconscious

As a professional living a sixth sensory life, I often receive comments from students or clients such as, “I don’t have your gift. If I did, it would be so much easier to trust myself and the decisions I know I need to make.” Or I often work with individuals whom are struggling with their health and don’t know where to start so they look outside themselves for answers and struggle to connect the dots. 

Well, we all have access to a sixth sensory nature and lifestyle. The trust comes with practice and building that relationship with yourself first and then translates into deepening a connection with your guidance team and the wisdom of your body. 

This can be challenging to accomplish in a fast-paced society that wants instant gratification. We like to have something external to look towards in order to validate ourselves and our decisions. 

Your higher self and spirit team are always bringing forth guidance and alerting us to it. Sometimes we receive it and question if its valid or trustworthy and often receive the answer once we’ve gone against our gut instinct. Some completely bypass or ignore any insight that comes through which makes it much more likely you won’t trust that which you are receiving daily. 

If either of these sound like you, I don’t encourage you to jump into channeling your spirit guides right away as I don’t want you to discount the experience. Instead, I would recommend building up your trust-factor with a technique known as muscle testing or applied kinesiology. In this post, I am going to give you a crash course on how to consult the wisdom of your own body when it comes to your personal health and spiritual journey. Look no further than your own body, mind and soul. Let’s begin!

Let’s look at an example first. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing skin or digestive problems for a few months and a random, unprovoked thought suggesting that dairy is affecting you pops into your awareness. You can and should explore it with muscle testing. This message may have  been received from either your higher self or soul team alerting you to the fact that you are being affected by a specific substance in your diet. It is then up to you to do your own detective work to get to the root of the issue instead of relying on medicine to mask your symptoms. 

Self-testing is a great way to consult with the guidance you were receiving spontaneously to ensure it was coming from a high vibrational source. 

If you’ve worked with holistic practitioners such as naturopathic doctors or chiropractors, you may have already experienced muscle testing in some capacity.  Muscle testing can be performed by someone else, or you can perform it on yourself to get quick, clear answers. 

With muscle testing, you are essentially using your body as a pendulum to answer yes/no questions which relies on the biofeedback and wisdom of your body in response to a positive or negative reaction. If you’ve ever used a pendulum, you know that one direction indicates a positive reaction or “yes” and the opposite correlates a negative or “no” answer. During this process, you are consulting your subconscious that holds our truth and many of the answers to our experiences and path. However, if you are open and working towards a sixth-sensory experience, I highly encourage you to invite your spirit team into this experience and ask for their Divine guidance. 

This blog post is going to give you the bones of muscle testing, but I will have some video lessons that you can access that give you a more in-depth explanation, as well as a visual experience (for all those visual learners out there). 


Muscle testing gives you a quick, efficient method to get answers quickly. However, don’t forgo medical advice or treatment! Muscle testing can help guide you to the proper practitioners and give you a bit more say in the trajectory of your health and path, but it shouldn’t encourage you to ditch professional advice.   

These methods are great for receiving an answer to a yes or no question. Guidance should be simple but we have a tendency to overcomplicate things, which further leads to our distrust of self and intuitive knowledge. Asking a yes/no question will provide you instant insight, which will then allow you to deepen the experience with follow up questions and greater insight via elimination. Asking a yes/no will also give you a specific response and encourage you to be work harder to unravel the layers. 

If you are working through subconscious blocks, trauma or energy from the past, muscle testing can help show you where you are being affected. For example, if you are experiencing a block or repeated resistance in your life, you can ask if this is stemming from a specific issue from the past in which you can then do an elimination test until you find the root. 

It also allows you to see where you are being affected. If you or your energy are being affected but you don’t know where it stems from, you can explore certain people, places, objects and other things which enter your awareness to see if they are the source. 

If you are experiencing symptoms which haven’t been diagnosed, you can do a bit of your own detective work to get the ball rolling. To do this, you can place your hand on any of the chakras to check in with its health and receive feedback from this location. If it responds that it is being affected, you can look into the deeper layers with specific questioning. OR you can touch areas of your body to ask if it is resulting in your symptoms or health problems. This can help you locate the source of your experience. 

You can use this testing to figure out which supplements or foods you should or should not be consuming. This is very helpful if you are trying to make better choices for yourself! As well, if you are about to make a food choice but aren’t sure if you are truly hungry or having a craving, this can be a powerful method to make the best decision based on your goals.  

Last for this post, but not least, you can use muscle testing when you are faced with a choice or decision. You can use visualization work to bring both ends of the spectrum (choice) into your awareness. Consult the wisdom of your body and spirit team to receive insight into which choice is best for you. Remember that you will receive either a positive or negative response. 

If you are unsure or at a loss for your next move or how to move forward, this is a great place to start. You will also find it gives you momentum and is sometimes the very thing you need to initiate a higher path. 


There are a few different styles of muscle testing that I personally use and which rely on one’s current state and level of receptivity. Muscle testing isn’t just limited to these but the main 3 I will show you today are the sway test, ring testing, and arm testing. It doesn’t matter which method you use but more important to get started. 

This testing is using the response from your own muscles to provide you with valuable feedback. 

Before starting, it is always important that you get yourself grounded first and clear your mind and energy. Since we will be accessing your subconscious, we don’t want the ego getting in the way and trying to control the experience. I will include a quick clearing and grounding meditation to get you started. As you become more experienced, feel free to create your own pre-testing ritual. 

Next, figure out which style of testing you want to use then before jumping in, you will need to calibrate and prime your system for the most accurate responses. 

If starting with the sway test, you will stand tall similar to the testing method. You will then ask a question you already know the answer to, such as “is my name [fill in the blank]. Pay attention to whether your body responds by swaying forward or backwards. Then ask the same question but use a name which is not yours and pay attention to your body swaying in the opposite direction. A response typically takes between 5-10 seconds so be patient. 

Typically, one will sway forward for a positive or yes answer and backwards for a negative or no response. However, from time to time it can be the opposite, which is why it’s important to calibrate before initiating. Honour and trust the way your body responds that way, that day, in your calibration process. 

We will often see the body respond backwards with a negative or no response because it is trying to move behind a negative image or experience that is front of them and not conducive to their higher path and healing. This experience or question is incongruent for your present path. 

You will then do this same process with the arm testing or ring test if this is the method you go with. 


As mentioned earlier, the sway test is standing tall with your feet planted and using the forward and backward sway to acknowledge the response. If you have balance or health issues which make you susceptible to balance issues, don’t use this method. Please use your own discretion at all times. 

Stand tall and ask your “yes” or “no” question and wait for your body to respond. Once you have received your response, clear your thoughts right away and sending loving, positive energy into that space. By doing so, you elevate your vibration to ask your next question. 


For this testing, you will bend your elbow at 90 degrees and then tuck your arm tightly to your rib cage, or side of your body. You can proceed with palm up or down, that is your choice. You will then take your pointer and middle finger and apply them to your wrist area. Ask your question and then apply light pressure to the wrist. 

If you don’t detect any change in the arm or body, this is a positive response which correlates with yes. If you do detect change and weakness with the arm lowering, it correlates with a no response. Make sure to not be forceful with the pressure you apply as the changes will be subtle yet notable. 


Lastly, the ring test. Take your left hand and create a circle by bringing your thumb and pointer finger into contact. Then take your right hand and do the same but interlock that circle with that of your left hand. One hand will be the steady hand and the other hand will be the responding hand. Typically, the right hand is responding hand if you are right handed. 

Proceed to ask your question and try to pull your fingers apart. If the response is strong and a “yes”, the circles will stay in tact. In the response is weak and a “no” answer there will be a break in the structure and further a separation of the two hands. 

This method is ideal if you are in a space or environment where you need to be subtle but need a quick response to deal with your situation accordingly. 


Muscle testing is a powerful tool we all have access to anytime. It is quick, efficient and truthful to you and your situation. Remember, your subconscious knows you best.

As you become more comfortable with muscle testing for yourself, you can start to initiate contact with your spirit guides and ask them specific questions. You can use the muscle testing to build up your confidence and eventually transition into using your intuition and  instead to get access to the guidance. 

All in all, this is a great way to start trusting yourself, inner knowing and relying on yourself as your own best teacher. 


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