Number Trilogy's and Sequences

Everything you experience and receive is divinely guided and timed. No exceptions. 

We often pray for guidance in time of crisis and due to this state of desperation we are often more willing to experience the guidance we seek. Truth is, those messages are always available and presenting themselves. Our capacity to receive them depends on our level of receptivity. 

In every moment, the Universe is whispering to you. You’re constantly surrounded by signs, coincidences and synchronicities, all aimed at propelling you in the direction of your destiny.

- Denise Linn

What seeing repeat numbers and signs means:

Psychologist Carl Jung was the first to coin the term synchronicity. Through his work, he discovered that synchronistic events aren’t just coincidence but universally orchestrated and related.

If you have been seeing a sequence of numbers repeatedly or even perhaps over your life span, you are receiving encouragement and guidance from spirit. Numbers are often the easiest and most effective way for spirit to snag our attention. It is hard to deny and tickles our curiosity. Spirit is trying to peak your curiosity as it is the first step to opening yourself up, even if just a smidge, to gain access to our infinite resource system. 

In order to tap into this Divine knowing and presence, it has to pass through the strong forces and barrier of the conscious mind. This is a challenge!

Seeing repeat numbers, signs or symbols can often represent something specifically, but many times it is a nudge from spirit to tune in. It is often indicative that we are in alignment with our truth and higher path and is encouragement from spirit to continue moving forward. 

For example, 111 is often indicative of the beginning of something new and a reminder to be careful of where you are spending the most time thinking because that is what you are attracting. If you want to go into greater detail you can consult other posts which tackle specific number sequences, however I also don’t want to encourage you to get hung up on the generic meaning.

This process is meant to be individualized to you and your needs and require your work and effort to unlock the codes presented.

Spirit often garners our attention when we’ve just shifted out of a repeat cycle or difficult circumstance in which we handled ourselves in a higher way. For example, if you have a recurring theme in your life that presents itself to you over and over again and you tend to  shut down or run away, it becomes a cycle for you. A pattern. But let’s say you are presented with your theme again and this time you choose to tackle it head on and take responsibility for your situation, spirit will then send you feedback to first acknowledge your positive shift (especially if challenging), as well as to encourage you to continue moving forward with your actions. Spirit is supporting your life changes. 

Receiving the signs and synchronicities also suggests that we are experiencing a spiritual awakening. You are tapped in, primed and ready to receive the infinite wisdom for your higher learning. 

When you receive this confirmation, acknowledge the path you took to get there and open yourself up to the experience of transformation.

Whom you are receiving messages from:

Your messages don’t only come from your guides, angels and loved ones on the other side. Be prepared to receive reminders in the form of signs and symbols from your higher self. The higher, unconscious aspects of self also work with the dimensions and brings forth messages to awake the conscious self. If you have been working on receiving messages or trusting your intuition, your higher self will often get your attention in the physical realm of time and space to acknowledge your wakefulness. 

You may also be receiving these messages from your primary spirit guides which have been with you since inception, the beloved guidance of the angel realm, the Universe, and loved ones whom have crossed over. 

Our human brains like to know who we are receiving our messages from but there is no ego on the other side, therefore it is more important to acknowledge the guidance more than the source. It is great to cultivate a deeper connection and relationship with your guidance team on an individual basis, but it isn’t necessary. Trust that we are all one energy and if the energy, wisdom and guidance is coming from a high vibrational source, you can trust it. 

How to decode the sequence:

When you have tuned into a sequence, sign or symbol that has gathered your attention, there are a few things to do. First, consider what happened prior to and after you received the visual  (clairvoyant) message. Your message will be coming through that time frame and surrounding those experiences. 

If possible, also consider what you were thinking and experiencing in that moment. Where was your frame of mind? What were the emotions you were experiencing in conjunction with your thoughts?

Next, consider if that was a good space of mind to be in. Did you feel comforted, supported and expansive? Or were you feeling restricted, uneasy or uncertain? Were you in a space that you felt supported you?

This reflection alone will unlock much of the insights presenting themselves. Consider these reflections and actions an art form and practice that needs to be repeated over and over again. This moments will bring forth clarity and connection to you in a way that the conscious mind alone can’t comprehend. 

Exercises for heightening your ability to experience the guidance:

After you’ve tuned into the codes presenting themselves, take a moment to tap into all of your senses. Activate your sense of smell, your ability to visualize and see clearly, to hear with truth, to use the power of your voice, to feel the sensation of being a soul residing in a physical body, and tuning into your gut instincts and inner knowing. You may do this with affirmations and focusing on each area of sensitivity. Affirm: 

I am safe to receive any/all messages from energy of the highest vibration only. I allow any/all messages of the highest vibration to come through now. 

I am safe to see clearly. 

I am safe to speak my truth unapologetically. 

I am safe to hear with clarity. 

I am safe to tune into the wisdom of my body. 

I am safe to experience the messages as a sixth sensory being.  

You may then choose to work and strengthen your ability of clairvoyance to understand the messages better. To do this, close your eyes and take a moment to envision a movie screen in front of you. On that movie screen, envision the number sequence or sign/symbol that presented itself to you. Study it not only with your eyes but also explore the vibration it evokes. Don’t spend time trying to use the mind to figure out what it means, instead explore all that it offers your sensory system. How is it speaking to you?

Next, ask your guides or spirit team to tell you more about the code. Ask them what you need to know about this recurring number or sign. Then be still and patient. Create space for your guides to use your movie screen to reveal more to you. Don’t overthink or dissect anything. Instead, sit patiently and be open to receiving anything and everything that pops onto your screen or delights your senses. Once everything has slowed and nothing else is being presented, you can slowly come back to the room and open your eyes. Write down everything that revealed itself (even if it doesn’t yet make sense). 

Now, tuck it away and don’t look at it for two days. You can then come back to it and see if you received any insight. If you didn’t, no worries. Give it more time to present itself. 

If you didn’t receive any insight via your movie screen, that is okay too. You may not be open enough to receive yet or have all the bits and pieces needed. Don’t give up here, but instead wait some time until you feel ready to explore it again.  

Allow the nature of your signs/symbols to reveal themselves on spirits terms. When we obsess over decoding our signs, we can often close ourselves off to receiving that insight as we are expecting it in one way. Signs can be indicative of that specific image, or they can be symbolic of something. For example, if you keep receiving an image of a rose, it can be spirits way of drawing your attention to the physical rose, or it can have a symbolism behind what the rose represents to you. You can also use muscle testing to determine if your symbol is a physical or symbolic representation. Once you’re aware, relax and let the image speak to you on a deeper level.

Next, start a tradition or habit that each time you tune into the messages or repeat number sequences present themselves that you make an offering to spirit. For example, you may choose to place an item of offering such as fresh flowers, branches or plants on a sacred altar or at the entrance to your home. You may choose to light a candle or take a moment to ground yourself and send warm thanks to spirit for their efforts to support and guide you. You may also choose to offer something in return such as using the lesson or experience for empowerment and sharing it with the greater good or someone in need. 

Remember that you can’t get to the top without acknowledging the support along the way. Well you can, but it would very lonely at the top if you choose not to. A little bit of acknowledgement goes a long way, as well it deepens the connection to your spirit team. 

The Experience: 

Don’t wait for a crisis to consult your inner counsel and guidance from spirit. As you practice this skill of attunement on the regular, the more adept you become at spotting and tuning into the guidance. This will help you in a time of need, as it will remind you to get grounded and you instinctively know how to tune in and receive. 

This is a skill that needs to be practiced. This is an opportunity receive and take responsibility. As we open ourselves up to receiving the guidance, it leaves less room to fall off course.

To unlock the theme of your synchronicities and experiences, you need to be gentle and yielding. There is no such thing as time and space in the spirit realm so do your best to stay open and be patient. 

Most importantly, allow yourself to experience. This is where the true healing is birthed. 


Here I will include some resources that I use in my personal practice. These might contain affiliate links, which won’t cost you anything. I only share resources that I personally use and that have made a difference for me.

By using the links provided, I may receive small commission from the purchase (once again at no extra cost to you), to support this blog and the free resources provided.

Angel Numbers 101- Doreen Virtue

The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity- Trish MacGregor and Rob MacGregor

Journal for Recording & Decoding Your Signs/Symbols

Grounding Mat- Use prior to working with spirit and to get you into energetic alignment before decoding and receiving the deeper messages. It’s a staple in my household and great to travel with too.


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