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If you weren't already conducting business online, you've likely dipped your toes with shutdowns and global shifts over the last 18+ months. Shifting business online has many perks such as less commuting, reaching a greater audience, less overhead, and my personal favourites which are rolling out of bed prior to logging in and wearing sweatpants to work! 

Online business comes with its many conveniences but it also comes with its own source of unique challenges, especially for those in the coaching world.

In this post, I want to share some of my absolute cherished resources for conducting business online in a seamless way, staying true to brand and organizing for success. My teachings are centred and built around sharing that which I am and have worked through to connect with others in a genuine, authentic way. That is exactly what you can expect here. 


I have recently made the big shift from the Squarespace platform to Kajabi. Trust me when I say It was a big shift as it required me to work through some deep-seated abundance blocks (they didn't belong in the first place)! I had created a functional process on the Squarespace platform and would still highly recommend it to anyone starting out or looking for a cost-effective alternative, however, one I was able to get over my resistance to paying more for an online platform, I was able to recognize how much I was saving with things I hadn't considered. 

The biggest payback was time! Switching to an all-in one, incredibly intuitive platform has saved me LOADS of time and has spared me the frustration of online creation. Again, I love and appreciate the opportunity to learn via trial + error, but you get to the point where you've acquired the lessons and it's time to prioritize efficiency. I had learned to code and get truly scrappy when it comes to website design and functionality, but I don't need this to be my norm. 

As a coach, I am ecstatic to have access to the newest coaching feature that is included on Kajabi. It allows me to create a single coaching session option or a full coaching package online which connects directly to my booking calendar, Calendly

On the backend of the coaching platform, I can create a program outline and further edit + customize the coaching package. Some features here are including a breakdown of each session, agenda items I would like to cover in each session, attach resources and take private session notes which I can keep all in one place to track my clients progress. It is brilliant!

This coaching product was created by one of my favourite mentors, Brendon Burchard! I wish I had access to an all-in-one tool such as this a decade ago when I was starting out. Whether you are newer to coaching or seasoned, investing in a product such as this is going to support you for the long-term, take out the guess work and far exceed your expectations, 

Kajabi itself is a platform that can replace 14 tools. Previously I was hesitant in investing because it felt like a rather large investment which I wasn't entirely convinced I needed. Since I was operating under this scarcity mindset, I failed to recognize that I was investing in individual platforms to support my coaching offerings, which when added collectively cost the same. Having everything in one place opposed to signing into multiple sites, trying to organize has been such a blessing. 

As a course creator, the ability to host my courses on the same platform of my website/podcast/coaching has been profound. 

If you want to spend less time on the backend and more time creating, Kajabi is beyond worth the investment.

My recommendation would be to use that time to test out any of the product features that appeal to you whether it is coaching, course creation, website, podcast + more. I personally love the online course platform! You may choose to opt for creating a mini course to get a feel of the platform and to get accustomed to the intuitive online experience.


As well, I have recently shifted away from Social Media (instagram/facebook) for various reasons that felt aligned. Kajabi has an option to create memberships (Free or Paid). This has allowed me to create my own community which I have complete control over. I personally feel that social media blackouts will happen more regularly and recent security/health risks associated with these platforms, there has never been a better time to prioritize your email list and create a safe space to connect in community. 

I plan to create a FREE mini course all about this soon and look forward to sharing with you. 


Kajabi does also include email marketing which is an additional perk! I will be switching over to this system eventually but for now I am LOVING Flodesk. Flodesk has a beautiful design (which is important to me) and has very professional templates to work with. I spent years with Mailchimp and all though it served its purpose at the time, I was limited for creative options without investing tons of time into the process. 

A friend recently informed me that in the fine print for Mailchimp's services, they don't support intuitive businesses and you are subject to having your account shutdown without any notice, at risk of losing your email list. 

Flodesk is also incredibly intuitive and again, allows me to stay on brand! You can always sign up for my email newsletter here which I send out each Tuesday to get a look + feel of the platform. You can also use the special link below to start your own trial and further to receive a 50% discounted price moving forward if you choose to invest in Flodesk. I personally pay full price and wish I had access to this discount when switching to this platform but I am grateful to have the opportunity to spread the love with this community and share the discounted rate. 

From a professional level and creative perspective, it is a valuable investment for me personally. I know you will love it too!

Flodesk Link - 50% Off Link



Who doesn't love a good quiz? I am loving this platform to create interactive quizzes to share with this community and further create space to help them to connect with their greater needs through powerful insight. 

This is a powerful tool to share your area of expertise to keep others informed for their own pleasure, all while providing a fun process to engage. 

Try the quiz maker out for free! If you choose to proceed with your membership, you can use Zapier to link all of your integrations to any platform you choose and further to engage with any audience you want to reach. 

Try Out Interact Quiz Maker

I hope that these resources find you well and that they equally serve you. Remember that time and health are our greatest currencies. Anytime we can streamline our lives, we are experiencing greater wealth. 

If you have any questions about anything discussed, please make sure to let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to chat with you further!

P.s - I plan to share some great hacks I learned while using the Squarespace platform. I will be sharing those in a future post for those not ready to take the leap to Kajabi. 







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