Transform Your Abundance Blocks With 7 Steps

The most potent ingredient for transforming + healing your abundance blocks is awareness. It is always the first step. Yes, it is that simple.

One needs to become consciously aware of the very feelings + circumstances they are avoiding. It is this dialogue that will unlock the patterns which have been keeping you invested in a limiting, scarcity cycle on repeat.

I could on and on about this topic since I taught an entire course on it, but for the purposes of today, I want to give you the foundation to start doing the work and creating the change you seek. Let’s dive into the framework!

Identifying the Block

In order to awaken to the abundance blocks, we need to open up that dialogue with ourselves and be active participants in our own lives. Use the following prompts below to awaken to your dialogue.

If you were being completely transparent with yourself and stepped outside of your go-to reaction, identify the belief system that is driving your behavior.

When you hear the word “money” what is the first thought that comes to mind? What is the deeper belief around money + abundance?

You can get an idea by looking at your parent’s relationship with money and what was modelled to you in the household in the early impressionable years.

·      What was my parent’s money story?

·      What did the dialogue (if there was any) around money look + feel like?

·      What was considered responsible?

·      What was considered taboo or unspoken?

There may be deep-seated belief’s such as,

·      I can never seem to get caught up..

·      I am frustrated with working so hard and only having enough to scrape by with…

·      Paying for food + essentials is frustrating because I have nothing else leftover to put towards the things which fuel my purpose in this lifetime..

Become conscious of the internal dialogue and struggle that comes from the concept of abundance.

Coming back to the initial example – you may go to pay for your groceries and notice a predictable dialogue such as…

1) I hope I have enough money in my account to pay for this,

2) I didn’t budget for my groceries to cost this much,

3) Is there enough money in my account?

4) I have to pay for my phone bill on the 22nd, will I have enough left over to pay for it?

5) Is there anything I can put back that I don’t really need?

6) Why does healthy food need to be so expensive?

7) It costs too much to eat healthy and it isn’t affordable.

8) It’s cheaper to eat fast food so I will do that for the next couple weeks until I save up a bit more.

9) This bill is dipping into my personal fund which is delaying my dream of starting my business.

Unfortunately, this dialogue example is a NORMAL limiting response. All of this can take place BEFORE you punch in your debit pin.

Next, consider the energetic exchange that follows. Chances are, you can’t even enjoy this healthy food you just had the privilege to purchase. Instead of nourishing your body with these healthy ingredients, you instead digest stress and feed into limiting action steps.

Coping Mechanism

Take note of the action steps that typically accompany this reaction. You will probably surprise yourself!

How do you cope with the stress or limitation?

When you are stressing over money and question if there will be enough to cover your essentials, support your health and/or feed your investments – what do your subsequent actions steps look + feel like?

Get clear on your automatic response and how you typically lean to promote a feeling of safety + security.

Working with the Block - Identify the Primary Emotion

Let’s first get clear on identifying the primary emotion you are experiencing within your current abundance state. Whether its limitation, sadness, anger, frustration, expansiveness – define it out loud.

Now that you can clearly state what you are experiencing, you can take notice of how close or far the feeling is from that which you WANT to experience.

 Shifting into the Frequency of Abundance

Alright, here is where we can roll up our sleeves and consciously create the experiences we seek!  

1.     Emotional Reaction - You’ve already identified the limiting emotion that activates when you either engage in action or conversation around money. Now – ask yourself, what is this emotional reaction trying to protect me from? It will show you where you feel vulnerable and you can now gain clarity on what you are avoiding, to get clear on how you want to feel instead.

2.     Preparation – The emotional response is likely automatic and triggers your sympathetic nervous system before you even recognize that you’ve been triggered.

a.     Get grounded

b.     Create a list of ways your higher self would deal with the emotional trigger.

3.     Nervous System Elixir - Condition yourself to shift from sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic. This can be achieved with breathwork, meditation practice, and belief work to name a few.

4.     Emotional Relativity – You can only experience what it is you want to experience if you put yourself into that frequency. You can’t wait for a situation to change to provide this. You have to be the catalyst.

a.     Identify the feeling you want to experience. State it out loud. Why is this feeling important to you? If all of your abundance goals were realized, which feeling would that realization feed? 

b.     Identify any scarcity tendencies that are fuelling you to chase this feeling. If you notice any such as: Example - ”I want all of my bills paid so I feel safe + secure” – try to reframe it from a more empowering position. Example: “Paying off my existing debt, creates space for me to explore new aligned priorities + opportunities.”

c.     When have you felt this feeling before? Get clear on a time where you’ve experienced that desired feeling before, even if only brief.

d.     Re-create that feeling for yourself. Bring yourself into that frequency. Engage in daily actions that bringing you closer to that feeling or visualize a time in your life when you’ve embodied that feeling. Bring yourself closer to that memory + relieve it mentally. Allow it to take up residence in your body.

e.     Build up your confidence around experiencing the feeling you seek and trust factor by coming back to it regularly. Make it a priority.

The body doesn’t know the difference between thought + reality. It only responds to that which we feed it. What we are feeding our mental body through thought is felt in the body. This is why it is essential to program your mind to align with what you want to experience.  

Recreating the desired feeling for yourself is an inside-out approach. What you feel on the inside will be broadcasted vibrationally through your energetic field and is what you will attract into your experience.

The feelings need to be identified and generated through you with an inside-out approach, not the other way around. Waiting for something externally to fill that limiting space won’t work in the way you hope. Instead, a scarcity mindset will broadcast expectation for more scarcity experiences.

Last but not least, let go of any expectation for how you think that feeling needs to come about.

Example – if we are wanting to experience the feeling of safety + security but are only expecting to receive that through the purchase of a home, you are closing yourself off to MANY other ways of generating + experiencing that feeling. This can close you off from receiving.

When that need isn’t fulfilled in that way, one can then feed into a limiting mindset and doubt if this is ever possible, creating uncertainty around the feeling they desire.

Instead, if you identify the core feeling and consciously engage in action steps to feed that feeling and then release the rest over to universal consciousness + divine experience, your needs can be met in more expansive ways. The more we engage in this feeling in micro-ways, it will build up to something bigger + more profound. We then open ourselves up to the potential of experiencing that more desirable outcome. It doesn’t happen in reverse.

Bringing It All Together

Alright, let’s bring it all together and recap with this checklist….

1.     Identify your limiting beliefs, mindset + dialogue.

2.     Get clear on how you WANT to feel. Remove any scarcity tendencies.

3.     Align your mindset + follow-up actions with that desired feeling.

4.     Cultivate and recreate the frequency for the abundance experience.

5.     Continue to show-up and build up trust factor to rewire your body, mind + nervous system to believe that feeling is possible.

6.     Adopt an inside-out approach.

7.     Release expectation for how you think you should receive. Instead, focus on the feeling you want to generate and allow that to manifest as it needs to – according to the divine timing + order of things.

Abundance comes in many forms! Remember that we receive abundance in the form of resources, guidances, support, time + money. Allow yourself to receive in whichever capacity presents itself. When we are willing to accept + work with what is showing up, we open ourselves up to receiving in alternative, expansive ways!

Be prepared to change up your old way of doing to experience a new way of being – trusting, worthy + abundant!

Dive Deeper into Abundance Healing

For anyone that is looking to take a deep-dive into this work, feel free to reach out to me via the email inquiry button below and ask about the 6-week abundance coaching intensive package that I offer. Otherwise, if you are willing to hold yourself accountable, there is so much you can accomplish in a short amount of time with this methodology!


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