Transform Your Abundance Blocks With 7 Steps

The most potent ingredient for transforming + healing your abundance blocks is awareness. It is always the first step. Yes, it is that simple.

One needs to become consciously aware of the very feelings + circumstances they are avoiding. It is this dialogue that will unlock the patterns which have been keeping you invested in a limiting, scarcity cycle on repeat.

I could on and on about this topic since I taught an entire course on it, but for the purposes of today, I want to give you the foundation to start doing the work and creating the change you seek. Let’s dive into the framework!

Identifying the Block

In order to awaken to the abundance blocks, we need to open up that dialogue with ourselves and be active participants in our own lives. Use the following prompts below to awaken to your dialogue.

If you were being completely transparent with yourself and stepped outside of your go-to reaction, identify the belief system that is driving your behavior.

When you hear the...

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