Clairvoyance for Beginners

When one hears the term “clairvoyant” it is fair to assume a gypsy lady with a crystal ball. However, clairvoyance is a psychic sense that we all have access to in some capacity, yet the way we engage with this sense is unique. 

Do you dream vividly and recall them? This is a form of clairvoyance that takes place in a relaxed, dream state. Most people are better able to access their gift through dreams because it is a time when the ego succumbs and you are most relaxed. We aren’t aware of how much tension we hold in our bodies and consciousness in the waking hours – this is what affects our ability or the degree we are able to tap in seamlessly and consciously. 

As you enter a theta state, you relax enough to receive. This is why there are many reports of paranormal visits, sleep paralysis, and seeing loved ones at the foot of the bed just when you are about to fall asleep – which is when you most likely to be in a receptive state. 

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