Claircognizance for Beginners

Claircognizance is a psychic sense and intuitive channel for receiving guidance + messages from one’s higher self and spirit. It is likened to clear knowing which would be very similar to mother’s intuition which is an experience where a mother knows something without having any prior knowledge or physical feedback. It is a knowing without knowing. 

Not all but most mediums receive the majority of messages via this channel and it is one that is harder to develop as one doesn’t have any tangible feedback to confirm or refute the information. It requires a healthy amount of trust in oneself and ability to receive. Starting out, many question if what they are receiving is true and accurate and the more they look for evidence outside of themselves, the more disconnected one may feel from the original message. 

When you hook your antenna’s (intuition) and channel to Source for it to flow and work through, it happens very organically. This should be a...

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