Muscle Testing for Beginners

Using Applied Kinesiology to Access the Subconscious

As a professional living a sixth sensory life, I often receive comments from students or clients such as, “I don’t have your gift. If I did, it would be so much easier to trust myself and the decisions I know I need to make.” Or I often work with individuals whom are struggling with their health and don’t know where to start so they look outside themselves for answers and struggle to connect the dots. 

Well, we all have access to a sixth sensory nature and lifestyle. The trust comes with practice and building that relationship with yourself first and then translates into deepening a connection with your guidance team and the wisdom of your body. 

This can be challenging to accomplish in a fast-paced society that wants instant gratification. We like to have something external to look towards in order to validate ourselves and our decisions. 

Your higher self and spirit team are always bringing...

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