Why Spiritual Influence Can Be Dangerous and Why Discernment is Crucial!

Have you ever experienced a moment when you felt it was easier to go with the crowd rather than challenge what was being shared by asking questions or sharing your viewpoint? I can recall a few instances in my life where this occurred, and it never settled well. I would walk away feeling icky, disappointed, and confused. I can only imagine how I would have moved through life if this became my norm. 

Then I entered a period of my life where I decided to better honour myself and others by speaking from a place of authenticity, which then often triggered something within another. I struggled to find the sweet spot and deliver my truth in a way that was digestible for all involved.

This quandary taught me a lot about the power of discernment. 

If we become too invested in the viewpoint of another, we can quickly become confused about what truly resonates with us and if we are too rigid in our position, we can often close ourselves off to holding...

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