Powerful Resources for Online Business + Coaching

If you weren't already conducting business online, you've likely dipped your toes with shutdowns and global shifts over the last 18+ months. Shifting business online has many perks such as less commuting, reaching a greater audience, less overhead, and my personal favourites which are rolling out of bed prior to logging in and wearing sweatpants to work! 

Online business comes with its many conveniences but it also comes with its own source of unique challenges, especially for those in the coaching world.

In this post, I want to share some of my absolute cherished resources for conducting business online in a seamless way, staying true to brand and organizing for success. My teachings are centred and built around sharing that which I am and have worked through to connect with others in a genuine, authentic way. That is exactly what you can expect here. 


I have recently made the big shift from the Squarespace platform to Kajabi. Trust me when...

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