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My reading sessions are shifting and for good reason. I have been offering a traditional reading session for the last decade, however it's time for a shift to help others get the absolute most out of this experience called life.


Coaching Session Vision 

For every reading offered, the customer will now have the opportunity to experience a 15-minute follow-up session via phone or email to support their integration. We will touch base to see how they are doing in applying the guidance to support their lifestyle and offer up additional coaching support . 

It is important to me that those coming in to experience a session are trying on the guidance and using their own spiritual authority + discernment to move forward with it in an aligned way. It can be tempting for the client to sit down feeling excited to experience change but then not do much to ensure the desired shift after the session. The coaching style to these sessions will hold the individual accountable to do the work. 

I want to work with those committed to creating change in their lives. My services aren't here as a quick fix and I will never tell a client what to do. Rather, through their own inquisition, I will help them to better understand what they want and need from a soul level - by helping them to come to that conclusion. These sessions are strategically designed to do just this. 


What Can These Sessions Help With?

  • Creates space for the individual to hear what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear to support their progressive journey 
  • Helping others to live on purpose with more purpose - instead of looking outside of themselves for it
  • Understand the unconscious patterns, behaviours and beliefs which are keeping them stuck or feeling unfulfilled
  • Help them to take radical responsibility for their paths and give them the tools to clarify + cultivate the lifestyle they crave
  • Connect with loved ones and animals in spirit to give the living permission and support to move forward
  • Better understand self-sabotaging behaviours, victimization tendencies and resistance that is keeping them stuck in the past instead of creating the future they deserve 
  • Simplifying spirituality and what it means and takes to live abundantly 
  • Shifting their energy to be in vibrational alignment with what they want to attract + experience more of
  • Addressing any dis-ease which is felt within the body and energy centres
  • Get present focused instead of anchoring into the past or being overly focused on the future


What Differentiates These Sessions from a Traditional Reading Style

These sessions are intentionally created for those that want to invest in the work. Again, there are no quick fixes here but rather an opportunity to connect, receive and create the opportunities you seek. 

These sessions aren't for entertainment purposes. Your spiritual counsel/team aren't here to prove anything. We are here to create the space needed for you to better understand the way you are operating, what aligns for you in the moment and what you can do to initiate the change you seek. 

In the famous words of Dr. Wayne Dyer - "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."


Important Information + Disclaimer

Despite having strong boundaries and an energetic hygiene practice, this work is still very hard on me physically, mentally and emotionally. This is why my availability is limited. Depending on my  recovery needs, I may have large gaps between intakes. 

To support this total process, I do not respond to any external inquiries. It is nothing personal! The only way to book is via the online booking system. Once all reading times have been spoken for, no times will show on the calendar. You will have to wait until the calendar is updated, as I will not be replying to any requests. 

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If you want to receive priority notice once the calendar has updated and times are available (as they go quickly), make sure to sign-up for the email newsletter. I send out a notification each time I update my availability. 

Thank you in advance for understanding + respecting my process! I look forward to connecting with you soon.

I am offering these sessions via zoom indefinitely. I will not be accepting any in-person requests at this time.  

Disclaimer: due to limited availability, all session purchases are final. Learn more about this process on the calendar page. 



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