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The Program You Didn't Even Know You Needed!

A 7 Week Bootcamp for Cultivating a Profound Intuitive Experience
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Do you know what it takes to provide a safe intuitive experience?

What you do before, during and after the session will determine the quality and potency of the experience.  

Self-Paced Program


Build a Trustworthy System

We will explore + tackle 7 key areas...

  • Professional Etiquette + Legal Considerations
  • Personal Preparation + Energetic Hygiene   
  • Professional Boundary Training
  • Intuitive Integrity Training
  • Session Unfolding
  • Post Session Integration 
  • Do's + Don'ts 
  • Bonus: Signature Style  

Course Delivery Format

This is a self-paced course with video, audio + workbook content released each week. Module 01 will be released on October 21st. 


In The Next 7 Weeks, You Could

  • Have created a deep + lasting connection with your community 
  • Work less and make a greater impact
  • Operate in a professional + authentic way that feels ALIGNED
  • Stand out from the crowd in a genuine and reliable way
  • Remove the fluff and prioritize what works

When you operate from a place of integrity + truth, everything else can flow according to divine order. 


Intuitive Offering Bootcamp

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Professional Future?

This 7-week intensive will teach you everything you need to know to create a systematic approach which supports your intuitive offerings and the customer experience.

With a simple shift in your mindset and approach to "being of service," you can start making a profound impact while still supporting your personal progressive journey.

What's Included In The Intensive...


The Essential Methods for Creating a Safe + Legal Container

You have an obligation to create a safe environment for your offering; this starts with knowing your scope of practice and legal responsibilities. 

  • Professional Obligations + Etiquette Training
  • Intuitive Insurance Challenges + Legal Disclaimers
  • Confidentiality + Session Protocols
  • Physical Space Preparation 
  • In Person Vs. Online Sessions

You’ll finish this section with a clear understanding of what is required to provide a professional experience that keeps you in good legal standing. 


Professional Preparation + Session Structure 

In any type of healing work, it is essential to know what is required to keep your body/mind/spirit in an optimal state before holding space for others. Here you will learn: 

  • Energetic Hygiene Protocols Pre/During/Post Session
  • Session Purity 
  • Knowing Your Why
  • Impact Vs. Income Mindset
  • Softening the Heart + Mind / Anchoring into Truth 
  • What Experience Are You Providing  
  • Provide An Organic Experience

Learn how you can bring forward and maintain a genuine presence that fosters trust and connection. 


Professional Boundary Training 

Many energy + intuitive workers experience a greater amount of burnout from the admin side of things than the actual work itself and/or struggle to discern which clients aren't a good fit. I will share my preferences and secrets to smoothing these processes out in the most seamless way. 

  • Scheduling, Booking + Appointment Protocols
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Scope of Practice / Referring Elsewhere
  • Clarification of What to Expect: Before/During/After
  • Payment: Session Cost, Giftcards, Free Sessions
  • Pro's + Con's to Consider for Collaboration/Trading Services 

This module will help you create the systems + structure needed to minimize time spent outside of the session, so you can channel all of your energy and heart into your offering.  


Intuitive Integrity 

You are here to deliver the tough information. It isn't your job to please everyone or soften the guidance. When you have strong systems + boundaries in place and are operating from a place of truth, you can hold space in a loving yet powerful way. 

  • Session Requests Outside of Scope or Which Feel Off
  • Mental Health Challenges 
  • Knowing When to Cancel a Session
  • Intention Towards What You Will Allow into Practice
  • Eliminating People Pleasing Tendencies 
  • The Client Owes You Nothing
  • Don't Offer Anything Unsolicited
  • Knowing Your Role as a Facilitator 
  • Preparing for and Working with Skeptics
  • How to Confidently Explain Your Offering  

You have a responsibility to keep the channels and lines of connection pure and unfiltered. Here we will explore steps to keep you tethered to truth with upmost integrity. 


Sacred Session Unfolding 

With systems and strong discernment, you will be very clear on your role, scope of practice and your capacity to guide. Here we will explore some important concepts which will positively influence the unfolding of your offering. 

  • Preparation + Creating a Safe Environment / Including Reminder of Legal Terms 
  • Client Comfort / Share Your Receivership Boundaries  
  • Inform What NOT to Expect from Your Sessions
  • Process + How They Can Best Open to Receive
  • Ego Vs. Pure Guidance
  • Become Aware of Clients Emotional State and What They Can Handle
  • Don't Rely on Divination Tools 
  • Emotional Boundaries 
  • Eliminating Self-Preservation Tactics such as Validation 

This module will truly support your energetic hygiene and limit your potential of being affected physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or energetically. It will also foster effective communication and eliminate self doubt. 


Post-Session Integration 

How you close down your session will determine your longevity and success in your chosen field. It is important that you communicate what is needed from the client to support their integration. Create the space needed to successfully close down your practice and clear the channels. 

  • Integration Information / How to Best Work With the Guidance 
  • Surrender Any Attachment to Clients Progression
  • Clarifying Your Post-Session Correspondence Protocol
  • What to Expect Post Session 
  • Your Protocol for Follow-up Appointments
  • Personal Energy + Space Clearing  
  • Post Session Personal Care

Here you will address any loose boundaries or grey areas. You will learn the importance of prioritizing your own health as much as the client. 


Do's + Don'ts 

Here I will be sharing my experiences and key things I believe one should or shouldn't do to keep them operating from a place of integrity and to have the greatest impact. 

  • The Dangers of Predicting the Future
  • Combatting Session Complacency
  • The Art of Allowing the Healing or Integration to Unfold Naturally 
  • Releasing Anything Which Isn't Yours
  • Find Your Poker Face + Power Stance 
  • Avoiding Co-Dependecy 
  • Create a Signature Style  
  • Reading for Friends/Family
  • What to Avoid Doing During Session 
  • Is Social Media Right for You

You will come away from this module feeling a greater sense of empowerment and having answers to all the small little things you weren't sure how to tackle. 

This Bootcamp Is For You If...

  • Wanting professional, genuine advice from a mentor 
  • Are seeking a process that supports your energy + lifestyle
  • Craving a more authentic process 
  • Want to create a sustainable way to grow your business + thrive without overwhelm or burnout (I've learned the hard way)
  • Move away from conventional marketing and let your offerings speak for themselves
  • Create a safe + trustworthy customer experience

I'm Stevie Shayler


As a highly sensitive child having spiritual contact since the age of 5, it was only natural that I would end up in the intuitive field. I was curious about metaphysics since the early years, seeking to understand the experiences I was having. This was during a time when resources or teachers weren't readily available.  

I started my offerings + business without any training/influence and allowed my intuition to naturally guide the unfolding of my sessions and lessons learned. I have learnt much through challenging experiences such as but not limited to... serious burnout (lack of energetic boundaries), co-dependent + compromising situations and further the pandemic which forced me to move my services entirely online. 

Later into my practice I have received professional training but I am thankful for the early years of learning to trust myself and way of processing without relying on anything other than my intuition.  

"Stevie is a master of her craft, overflowing with kindness and compassion. Her warm, positive energy puts you at ease. She skillfully uses her innate gifts to deliver messages from your spirit guides. Stevie is supportive and encouraging as she allows you the space to absorb these messages and experience a soulful shift. She empowers you to embody your new focus. I can say with confidence that working with Stevie will have a profound impact on your life, just as it has on mine."

- Megan S. 

"Stevie is absolutely incredible. The insight she provides is beyond valuable and she has a way of delivering it in the utmost compassionate manner, allowing me to process and come to my own conclusions as well. She’s truly made an impact on my life that is more than I could fully explain here. Forever grateful!"

- Natalie C. 










Intuitive Offering Bootcamp

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