Mini Coaching Intensive

This program is 6 intensive coaching sessions which are structured to help the individual dive deep into personal resistance, repattern belief systems and align their actions to support and bring about their desired experiences.

This container can also be used for supporting the development of one's coaching practice or launching an intuitive offering. 

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1) FEET PLANTEDIn this session, you will learn to meet yourself where you are at. We will explore the contrast in your life, resistance and challenges. You will begin to unpack your life experiences as wisdom gathered to support your progressive journey. 

2) CLARITY SESSION: By bringing the contrast into your field of awareness, you will understand what it is you want to feel and experience instead. You can then clearly identify what you to invite and intentionally create in your life. We will explore your life themes and help bring some language to what you have been moving throughout this lifetime. We will get clear on what brings you purpose and how you can use the dynamics of your human lessons to create the life you envision. 

3) UNPACKING THE LIMITATIONS: In this session, we will unpack the limiting belief systems that you've inherited or reinforced, as well as the limitations of your unique mindset and personal energy field. Everything you believe, choose and do is stored within your energy centres. 

As we get to understand how you process, what you hold onto and how you choose to translate this feedback into action, you will have a greater understanding of where you are operating out of alignment with what you truly want to create and experience. We will address...

  • The Stories
  • The Beliefs
  • The Choices 
  • The Actions

4) INTEGRATION: Here we will integrate the feedback from the following session with the findings on your energy scan report. If you aren't local and can't participate in the direct energy scan with the bio-well device, an alternative method will be provided. 

This is where we can develop a clear picture of how your previous thoughts, beliefs and actions have influenced your energetic resonance. This awareness will help you to see the impact of your conscious and unconscious decisions and help ground out anything that is no longer conducive to your highest healing journey and personal wants. 

5) BELIEF REPATTERNING AND ENERGETIC SUPPORT: We have now acquired all the information needed to support positive conditioning through belief repatterining. You will also receive direct support to clear and nourish your unique energetic situation. 

6) CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE PLAN: Here we will create a heart-centred / coherent, lifestyle plan that is results driven. By now, you are clear on what you want to create for yourself. Together, we will create a conscious plan that focuses on the action steps you will take to bring about your desired experiences. 



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