Purpose & Human Design with Cory Rusin

Season #1

Cory Rusin is a PhD level purpose in life coach & researcher. She combines her academic work and spiritual tools to offer you a practical toolbox for developing your purpose and confidently embarking on the next chapter of your life. 

Today Cory joins the show to discuss how she became involved in self-help, a journey that wasn’t as straight-forward as she initially planned when setting out to get her PhD.

She describes her experience with a life-changing disease that changed the trajectory of her life, leading her to find her purpose in helping others develop theirs.

This conversation highlights the importance of doing what makes you happy and creating a life that is completely designed for you.

Cory has so many beautiful stories and golden nuggets of wisdom to share - this is not an episode to be missed.

The next live round of the Purpose Development Accelerator will be happening in December and Cory’s other major offer is private 1:1 coaching which you can apply to be apart of by clicking HERE

Resources from today’s episode:
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