Raw Babes 101 - Kristen + Tiffany

Season #1

Today I am sitting down with Tiffany and Kristen of Raw Babes 101, a podcast designed to dive deep into tough topics whilst keeping it light, fun, and informative. There is no subject these two shy away from!

They are passionate about breaking down anything that could lead to a more fulfilling life. From mental health, Philosophy, spirituality, and tips on how to apply self-care and healing in this wild world we currently live in.

Their agenda is “helping uncover the fog to help others see things clearly by using tools that all relate to self-care.”

Kristen is a mother to her amazing son who is nothing short of a miracle. She has spent the last 10 years healing her mind, body, and soul, which has led her on this journey to becoming a Spiritual Alchemist. She does this by working together with spirit through oracle cards, talk therapy, and reiki healing!

Tiffany is a personal trainer and health & fitness coach. Her passion also lies deep as her life really took a turn for the positive when she started her fitness journey over 10 years ago. Now she trains and coaches others to not only get strong but to build healthier habits even for a busy lifestyle. 

In this episode, they will be sharing their stories and knowledge surrounding how we can operate at our highest selves - with nothing but love! 

Until next time! X

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