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Stevie & Stacey 

Journey with Your Inner Teen 

Inner teens are normally just one part of ourselves that generally represents our entire adolescence. Our inner teenagers are generally looking for acceptance, self expression, respect, freedom & responsibility and

reassurance from the inner parent.

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Eating For Your Body Type 

In this lesson, you will explore the 3 dosas and better understand which category you fall under. This will help you to better understand what your body needs from a holistic perspective to improve your digestion, increase your energy levels and thrive. 


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Morning Routines with Intention  

Your morning routine can and should shift each day. It is better to not have routine that is super repetitive or acted upon from autopilot. The intention needs to be there!
This is the difference between predictability vs. intentionally + consistently showing up for yourself 
each day.

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Honouring Animal Guides  

This workbook and accompanying guided meditation will help you to explore the types of animal guides, ways to honour them and how to connect. You will find a reflection prompt section to support your guided journey. 

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Guided Meditation
Journey with Your Animal Guide(s)