Monthly Virtual Subscription

Get access to this expansive container of lessons, wellness content and a group coaching experience. 

Our focus is to create a container for you to explore your inner landscape and receive support and encouragement from your coaches and peers. 

Collective Community 

Being human can be hard! You don't have to do this journey alone. 

Join our community of beautiful humans all committed to raising their vibration, exploring what is possible and encouraging others to do the same. 



Simplifying the Human Experience


Virtual Monthly Subscription

Get access to this expansive container of lessons + content to support your wellness journey. We infuse the energy with joy, simplicity + lightheartedness. 

We promote + ensure an all-encompassing approach to the human experience. 

Collective Community

Hold yourself accountable to do the work - amongst a community of souls matching your frequency!

Connect in community and support each other through the collective experience of being a soul in the human form. 

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A Sustainable + Coherent Container for

Mindful Living

We strip back all the fluff being thrown into the spiritual wellness arena which does nothing more than reduce space + create confusion. Our mission is to create a trustworthy platform - where you can always rely on being supported + challenged in the total human experience. We want you to stop waiting for things to shift and rather create the shifts you seek in a simple, sustainable and super conscious way. 


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Who Are We and What Inspired This Membership?

We are Stacey Barclay and Stevie Shayler - veteran wellness entrepreneurs committed to supporting the individual + collective experience through the power of community. We believe that health and healing should be inclusive and available to everyone with a pulse! In our personal and professional practices, we have seen a divide and lack of accessibility for much needed health and mental care. We have combined our areas of expertise and our mutual visions to create a simple, affordable and expansive container for everyone to succeed regardless of where you are starting. 



We will cover an expansive topic/area in detail - followed with Q&A. Replays will be provided if you can't attend live. 

Workbooks / Prompts

Over here at the Soulscription, we love our stationary! We will give you plenty of excuses to use your existing journals and add beautiful workbooks to your collection. 

Group Coaching

We will provide a few live coaching classes and experiences per month which create space for the community to gather, introspect and receive timely support. 

Physical Nourishment

Create a dialogue with the wisdom of your body and anchor into your physical form. Explore any of the on-demand movement classes or join an upcoming Jungle Dance class on zoom!

Video + Audio Lessons

Access spiritual wellness lessons on demand to support your curiosity - in either video or audio format. We will be operating through a holistic lens and will cover a range of topics.

Special Offerings

We will be offering some seasonal and spontaneous offerings such as live group readings, ceremonies to honour seasonal shifts and rituals. 

Stevie Shayler

BSc. Kin - Exercise Science / University of the Fraser Valley

Certified Holistic Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Masters/Doctorate of Metaphysical Studies (in progress)


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Stacey Barclay

BA Social Work - Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

MC - Masters of Counselling / City University (in progress)

Clinical Hypnotherapy - Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts

Yoga Teacher Training - Sattva Yoga Academy, Rishikesh India 


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Pillars of Success


Community Support




Conscious Participation

Toolbox Development 

Openness to Experience

Inward Exploration

Doing the Work in a Sustainable Way


Inward Journey for Support + Guidance

Building Upon Skillset

Healing as a Journey Instead of a Destination

What Do Our Soulscribers Desire?


They yearn to...

  • Learn to love + accept their wholesome selves.
  • Elevate their wellness practice to be self-reliant
  • Maximize their time with a less is more attitude + strategy. 
  • Feel accomplished in their personal lives and their ability to care for self. 
  • Feel better than they did yesterday
  • Connect to self and their journey so they can show up in their relationships more consciously + authentically. 
  • For those those that know prioritizing their greatest needs will allow them to show up for others in a greater capacity - and inspire them along the way. 
  • Desire to feel more empowered - a conscious participant and creator. 
  • Seek to enjoy the experience instead of dreading a process. 

The Background Story

We recognize that healing has become a high-ticket industry that is inaccessible to most - especially those that truly need the external support.

We wanted to create a safe, reliable and spontaneous space for self-exploration and personal development within community

The goal behind the spontaneous monthly offerings is to make the healing journey less serious and more enjoyable - infusing the experience with more fun and an attitude worthy of showing up for self. 

Many individuals rely on old ways of doing that don't afford a new way of being. It is then easy to get stuck relying on a specific method to bring about the healing or success you seek - yet, they often yo-yo with their methods. 

Our live coaching sessions provide lots of space to get curious, try on new perspectives and connect in community. 

What Will They Gain From This Collective Experience?


  • A safe + dependable space to explore and connect. 
  • They can surrender to their personal experience.
  • They will become more independent - understanding their greater needs and taking action. 
  • They will recognize, appreciate and respect the power of connecting in a genuine community space. 
  • They will experience greater clarity about their present needs and have the tools needed to work towards honouring them. 
  • Greater sense of health + wellness. 
  • Consciously connected journey which is birthed from within - creating autonomy
  • Redefining their experience and definition of success. 
  • Long-term connections. 
  • A fluid space that is constantly evolving and promotes spontaneous evolution
  • Learning to accept life and what is showing up so one can lean in with clarity + confidence. 

Are you Ready?