Bridging the Gap

Through personal development, first-hand experiences and expansive conversations, I seek to better understand what it means and takes to be soulfully led in the human form. My mission is to create space for others to get curious and ask questions but confidently look within for the answers they seek.  


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Intuitive Readings

These 30 or 50-minute sessions are intended to bring forward timely guidance from the spirit realm and help others gain clarity around anything they are currently experiencing or are hoping to experience. These sessions are gently guided and designed to leave the customer feeling lighter than when they arrived.


Session Potentials:

  • Connect and communicate with your loved ones in spirit form

  • Receive timely guidance or direction from Stevie’s spirit team

  • Connect with the Higher Self, core desires and spiritual truth

  • Try on different perspectives and approach a situation from a different vantage point

  • Uncover limiting beliefs + behaviours which are keeping one stuck in a cycle and explore guided tools to pivot

  • Intuitive development and sensitivity support

  • Soften into the most natural version of self


Here is what these sessions aren’t for:

  • A quick fix or spiritual bypassing

  • Predicting the future or fixed outcomes

  • Anyone that doesn’t want to take aligned action

  • This is not a replacement for therapy or professional medical advice

  • Health or condition diagnosis


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I have created a FREE Mini Program to help others set the foundation needed to safely and confidently connect with their spirit team and hear the whispers of their loved ones, anytime they'd like. 

You don't need a psychic medium to do this for you -- and this is coming from someone that makes a living providing these services.

I know through experience the importance of these teachings when it come to getting started.  I am sharing them with you inside the course. I will challenge you with intention + heart! You get to keep everything offered in it- from guided meditations, workbooks, audio + video lessons, case study practice and more. Enjoy!

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Growing up as the sensitive kid receiving messages from spirit and not feeling ashamed in sharing  - it was only natural that I chose a path of helping others to validate their own experiences.  

I challenge others to intuit, and remove the fluff + distractions holding them back so they can materialize a rewarding progressive path.  

My ultimate goal with this platform is to help simplify spiritual wellness in a raw + sustainable way to help you get the absolute most out of this journey. I will also challenge you to have fun while taking the ride!



Stevie is absolutely incredible. The insight she provides is beyond valuable and she has a way of delivering it in the utmost compassionate manner, allowing me to process and come to my own conclusions as well. She’s truly made an impact on my life that is more than I could fully explain here. Forever grateful!


Natalie C. 


Every reading I’ve had from Stevie has been absolutely life altering and immensely powerful. Her gift is truly unbelievable and her guidance is so encouraging and inspirational. So much love for this beautiful soul doing great work for others.


Gillian B.