Holistic Wellness

Bridging the gap between the physical and metaphysical experience with intuition + radical responsibility. 


Hey, I'm Stevie!

Entrepreneur. Writer. Coach.

When I was 24 a psychic told me I  would never work another day for someone else and that I would become my own boss. 

This was the permission piece needed to break the rules generationally handed down, to tap into my unlimited creative potential and blaze my own trail with only my intuition to guide me. 

I answered that calling and began to write my own narrative. This transcended into teaching others how to  operate from a place of autonomy - giving them permission to press play on the life they WANT to experience!

If you're ready to nurture your wellness practice in a holistic, all-encompassing way,  stick around and explore the current teachings + offerings! 

P.s - You will notice that I have a slight obsession with all things health, spirituality and self-development! And tea....always lots of tea. 

Offerings - The 3 C's


These programs are for those that want to seriously commit to their expansion and do so with individualized, personal coaching. 


If you are ready to level-up, deep dive into an online, self-paced course from the comforts of home or even the beach!


Hold yourself accountable in a group setting with the in-person circles or online membership options. 

Purpose = Holding unconditional space for others to awaken, connect and create.

Process - The 3 F's


Clean the slate. Unpack + dismantle any limiting patterns, beliefs + habits. Get clear on your intentions + future wants. 


Build a trusting, dependable relationship with yourself and your intuition. Go within to unlock and access infinite wisdom + guidance!


Create a consciously connected lifestyle that is sustainable, purposeful and results oriented. 

"Since working with Stevie I have felt a beautiful growing connection, communication and trust with my spirit team and feel deeply held on this wild ride of life. "

Kyra White
Host of The Worthiness Lab Podcast

Digital Intuitive Readings 

I am currently offering Intuitive Readings via Digital Format only. To protect and preserve my energy, I won't be responding to any inquiries outside the digital format. I appreciate your kind understanding!

You can ask 3 specific questions or opt for a random reading where I will connect with mine and the customers spirit team, as well as the energy of the customer to deliver intuitive guidance and support. 

You can expect your reading via email within 5-7 business days in pdf format with approximately 1500-2000 words. 

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